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From beauty pageant to full-time hijabi

By Rosshelle Nanding (Philippines) I was born in a Muslim family but if you knew how I lived my life as a teenager and as a young professional, I would probably be the last person you could ever imagine wearing the hijab. With that, I meant I used to join beauty pageants and fashion shows. I used to value the trends …

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You are half of my dignity

By Bianca ‘Aaisha’ Leclairage (Sweden) My beautiful strong willed sisters, you are half of my dignity. You carry yourselves with the most modesty and self love. Even though there is so much misunderstandings and hatred towards you, you should know that I and many other admire your strength. I am a convert and it’s the most beautiful feeling to know what …

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Atheist: Hijab is sacred

By Emilie Chetty (Atheist-London, UK) Today,  I wore the Hijab. It was so easy to put on and I actually really enjoyed wearing it. I thought it would be a bit uncomfortable but it was nice and cosy. I really want to support all the girls who wear it and I don’t like the fact that a lot of people tease …

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I finally found peace in pleasing my Lord

By Reem Brome (Lebanon) My father is Lebanese and my Mother is half Spanish and half Philipina. I was not raised in a strict environment and no one forced me to wear hijab. I have always planned to wear hijab but somehow insisted on putting it off for later thinking that I have enough time since I am young. I …

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“Oh, you’re prettier without Hijab”

– May Sellami (Tunisia) I’ve been wearing Hijab for 4 years. I started wearing Hijab in prep school as a 14 year old girl. In my country it’s unusual for a 14 year to wear Hijab in such a young age as they say; because Hijab was prohibited by the law. My parents didn’t prevent me from wearing Hijab though …

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My husband associated hijab with oppression

By Sofia Partzsch (Singapore) “It all started during a family holiday to Italy. After stepping out of St Peters’ Basicila, I somewhat heard a whisper “how lucky I am to be a Muslim.” I thought it was weird. A few days later, I was walking alone at Lake Lugano around Maghrib(sunset  prayer  time) and suddenly I had the thought how …

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