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Endure patiently with a beautiful patience

By Sarah (Australia) Coming from the country side in Australia, I was never exposed to Islam. I knew nothing about it. I thought of it as an oppressive religion, whenever I heard about it. It wasn’t until I went to Malaysia, that God guided me in ways I never expected, Subhan’Allah. I learned that Muslim women also have rights, which …

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An object to society

By Victoria Caroline Langille-Boyd I loved wearing the hijab!! I am still wearing it today, I feel so liberated and I feel so womanly and I feel like nothing of an object to society. As you could assume I am not of Muslim faith, as I’m of Wiccan faith but that does not stop me from wearing the hijab. I feel …

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My husband associated hijab with oppression

By Sofia Partzsch (Singapore) “It all started during a family holiday to Italy. After stepping out of St Peters’ Basicila, I somewhat heard a whisper “how lucky I am to be a Muslim.” I thought it was weird. A few days later, I was walking alone at Lake Lugano around Maghrib(sunset  prayer  time) and suddenly I had the thought how …

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