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Hijab: One of Many Common Threads Among Abrahamic Faiths

By Chelsea Flores  “Look…look at her. Did you see her? It’s truly heartbreaking. I bet she’d be a victim of an honor killing if she didn’t wear it; I saw something on the news about that once. They have no choice, you know? Their fathers make them wear it, so they can marry them off young. Poor oppressed thing. Surely …

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Why Hijab should be considered a basic human necessity

By Nihan Junaid The principle motive of wearing the Hijab being modesty and chastity, a few added benefits are noted in favor of us modern day Hijabis, a few of them being listed below: 1. Don’t leave anything to chance: Bad hair days? Not anymore! 2. Open new windows to change: Afraid to experiment with your hair? You can try whichever style you wish on …

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HIJAB VS. FEMINISM- poles apart or of one mind?

By: Nihan Junaid In the eyes of the western world, save a few, the word hijab triggers an immediate negative reaction. Amongst the many baseless accusations is a distinct one which claims that it “opposes feminism”. Such allegations can most definitely be pronounced unjustified if one only takes the time to closely scrutinize the situation at hand. For instance, in …

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