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My Awakening

By Diana Villanueva (USA) It has taken me a while to decide how to begin writing this story, but I will start by introducing myself. My name is Diana; I am an ordinary person of flesh and blood. I grew up Catholic, in fact my whole family is. I currently attend to a university and work in a police department. …

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My First Day in Hijab

By Jillian Pikora (Writer, Political Scientist) “Have you always been in our class?” One of my classmates asked me that during my Summer intensive Major British Author’s course. The odd part was that there were only seven students in the classroom. I was always the first to arrive, always spoke in class, and the last to leave. The only thing …

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They saw it as an asset, not a liability!

By Heather  (United States) I converted to Islam in 2011 after two years of studying it. I simply fell in love with Allah and with the message of the Qur’an. I was deployed in Afghanistan when I took shahada over Facebook chat with a friend, and hijab wasn’t an authorized part of the Army uniform. After I returned home that …

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Half hijab ‘hide and seek’ game

By Iman Wong (Singapore) I embraced Islam in the year of 1978, Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah). I have to admit that the first time I took my shahadah (testimony of faith) in 1978, it was mere lip service  without much ‘real’ commitment but I told myself I got to start somewhere and somehow. Being a free thinker all the time …

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