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A “special” type of person to wear Hijab

By Kaily Foulks (Buddhist, USA)


I have always had so much respect for the women that wore hijab and had been slightly jealous of their beautiful coverings. When I was a young child I thought you had to be a “special” type of person to wear them. Now that I am an adult I know how special those women truly are. It takes so much strength and courage to cover yourself in places that aren’t quite as loving and open to faith.

When I heard about World Hijab Day I was so excited to put one on. And when I did it felt like I was a completely different person, in a good way. I saw myself in a different light and won’t soon forget the feeling. I got so many positive reactions from friends and family, who are mostly Christian, it was almost overwhelming.

To all of the beautiful women who wear hijab with pride, you have my utmost respect and admiration.
Although I am happy with my current faith, I have gained so much respect for Islam and am applying bits of it to my life because of the experience.
Much love!

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  1. I feel so secured when i wear hijab and it mākea other pple to respect my religion as am giving a good example of a true muslim by following the Rule of hijab on suratul nurb

  2. sister you ware hijab Obedience to God , And not in order to feel admired people .

  3. it makes me feel so so happy that some where in this world there are people who appreciate u wearing the hijab.The comments that i usually read about hijabs and stuff are devastating and makes u wanna cry. so thank u.BTW i don’t wear the hijab to please anyone escept the one and only ALLAH.Muslim forever