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If only they saw rape and murder as a bigger problem than hijab

On Tuesday, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided that the employers are entitled to ban staff from wearing visible religious symbols.

Our Facebook fans shared the following sentiments regarding the ECJ’s ruling:

“If only they saw increased drug use as a bigger problem than hijab.
If only the saw domestic violence as a bigger issue than hijab.
If only they saw rape and murder as a bigger problem than hijab.
If they only saw mass bombings of nations as a bigger problem than hijab.”-Sabrin Saeid

“Now women must choose between God and supporting their families or expanding their own horizons…which means that they’re forced into the same stay at home model that these people claim to want to get them out of if they want to practice their religion.” -Zeynab Kenney

“Symantics. The ruling says “any” but I would be terribly surprised if any person was confronted with this ruling over a cross on a chain or a Kabala red knot. This is a sneaky way to work in discrimination…..”-Cami Peacock

“This is one if the most undignified act ever. I can’t believe this. Where is our freedom as women??? The hijab cover the head not the brain.” -Kadijah Bah

“It’s been clear for a while that Muslims are being scapegoated and targeted for the deep systemic problems that have metastasized over the years in the Western corrupt and decrepit system of governance.”-Fitzegerald Mistral

“Yes, let’s free these women from “oppression” by making it impossible for them to make a living.”-@Jenstrikesagain

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