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Hijab: A Life Changing Expression of Beauty

By Katrina (Christian, USA) World Hijab Day marks a beautiful, new beginning to a more enlightened spiritual journey for me. I have never worn a Hijab before this moment. As a Christian, my hijab represents a stand for true beauty and modesty. It also represents a connection with millions of women around the globe who share that same sentiment. Without …

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Pastor in Hijab

By Adrienne Anne Hickman I am a Christian minister in America.  Although I don’t always wear hijab, often times I do in prayer/dua, in daily routine, and even in church!!! God sent me many beautiful Muslim friends. Really, I cannot imagine my life without them. They have been there for me in good times and bad. Some Christians have taken issue …

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Not a threat, not a tool of oppression

By Sinéad Mercier (Ireland) This morning I walked into university to attend a conference on the meaning of traditional clothing in the West of Ireland – ‘Threads of Discovery: Cloth, Clothes and Culture’. By some strange and fortunate coincidence, this conference and NUIG’s Malaysian society “World Hijab Day” meeting were in rooms side by side. It seemed decided then, that I …

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Non-Muslim In Niqaab

By Catalina (Atheist, USA) I’ve been a hijabi for about 9 months now. While I am not religious, I appreciate how I feel the hijab liberates me as a woman and allows me more control over my body and the message I want to say to the world. I was very excited about World HIjab Day this year because I wanted …

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