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This Atheist supports Hijab

By Rhea (UK) It took some willpower to leave the house in hijab today. Went into the city and felt much more relaxed than in my own neighbourhood. I can understand how interesting it must be to see a non-Muslim suddenly cover her hair and neck one day, but I would need to build resilience to the reactions of others …

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I believe in a world where we all have freedom of expression

By Mandy Darmody (Australia) On this World Hijab Day, and as an agnostic, non-Muslim, I wear this headscarf in celebration of diversity and to show my continued solidarity and support of my Muslim sisters and brothers. I deplore discrimination of any kind, especially that which is unfounded, uneducated and perpetuated by scare mongering world leaders and mainstream media. I believe in …

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My struggle with the hijab was a difficult one

By Farheen Naqi (India) Although I live in India now, as a teen, living on a remote island with almost no Muslims (let alone Hijab-wearing women) my struggle with the hijab was a difficult one. Although I always had love for Allah in my heart, the guilt of not obeying Him to the best of my ability was always in …

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The atheist and the hijab

By Stephanie Elizabeth Kelly (Queensland, Australia) I think the World Hijab Day page is amazing.  It is inspiring to see so many powerful women unashamed and unapologetic for their beliefs. I personally do not identify with any religion but I believe strongly that everyone should be able to express their beliefs without having to fear persecution. My best friend in …

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The WHD Movement – Building Bridges

By Lorelei Ferre (LDS (Mormon)-USA) My first World Hijab Day experience was in 2014, so I was really looking forward to wearing a headscarf on February 1, 2015. There was just one problem: that was a Sunday and I am a devout Mormon (Christian). I didn’t feel it was wrong to wear hijab to church for a day, but I was …

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