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My Story

Not a threat, not a tool of oppression

By Sinéad Mercier (Ireland) This morning I walked into university to attend a conference on the meaning of traditional clothing in the West of Ireland – ‘Threads of Discovery: Cloth, Clothes and Culture’. By some strange and fortunate coincidence, this conference and NUIG’s Malaysian society “World Hijab Day” meeting were in rooms side by side. It seemed decided then, that I …

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Non-Muslim In Niqaab

By Catalina (Atheist, USA) I’ve been a hijabi for about 9 months now. While I am not religious, I appreciate how I feel the hijab liberates me as a woman and allows me more control over my body and the message I want to say to the world. I was very excited about World HIjab Day this year because I wanted …

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Honor to walk side by side with Muslim Women

By Dragana Chubrilo (non-Muslim, Croatia) It was an honor to walk side by side my Muslim friends who are part of my life for 30 years. My best friend is Muslim and nothing can change the way I feel about her. And what I feel is love, true friendship, support in every bad moment I had in my life. And we …

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An object to society

By Victoria Caroline Langille-Boyd I loved wearing the hijab!! I am still wearing it today, I feel so liberated and I feel so womanly and I feel like nothing of an object to society. As you could assume I am not of Muslim faith, as I’m of Wiccan faith but that does not stop me from wearing the hijab. I feel …

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