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Chelsea Flores

An open letter to Feminists regarding hijab |By Non-Muslim

By Chelsea Flores (Non-Muslim, USA) 

Dear Feminists,

Please stop. Pretty please with a cherry on top. Stop.

Feminism, in its most simple form, is about achieving economic, social, and political equality. When one looks at feminism on a deeper level, they realize that feminism also encompasses the desire for comprehensive women’s health care. Feminism is about ending the worldwide epidemic of domestic violence. It’s about ending the use of rape as a weapon of war; it’s about ending rape. It’s about women’s voices being heard and respected alongside the voices of their male counterparts. It’s about closing the gender pay gap. It’s about equal representation of women, more specifically, women of color, in the media. It’s about ending the use of the phrase, “stop acting like a girl!” as an insult. It’s about choice.

It is not about rescuing women from hijab. Hijab is about choice, just as feminism is. By attempting to liberate women from the “oppression of the hijab,” you’re actually being counterproductive to your cause. Take some time to educate yourself on the practice of wearing hijab. View the practice from a religious, social, and feminist perspective. Understand that religion, feminism, and societies are not mutually exclusive; they can (and do!) exist in harmony with one another. The next time you see a veiled woman in the grocery store or classroom, dismantle the train of thought running through your mind about her big, bad, Arab husband or father.

Expand your narrow view of feminism to embrace veiled women. Use your voice and your privilege to advocate alongside them for their right to choose. Promote discourse about hijab and put to rest the stereotypes and misconceptions many feminists have about hijab.


Chelsea Flores

DISCLAIMER:  I, Chelsea Flores,  absolutely identify as a feminist, and the intended audience are those with a narrow, Western view of feminism that lacks diversity and intersectionalism.

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  1. Olufemi Adetola

    Great clarification.

  2. Nocturnus Libertus

    Yes, womyn are free to make their own choices, but that does not mean those choices are Feminist ones. Anyone who complies with patriarchal concepts is not a Feminist. Religion and Feminism are incompatible. Period.

  3. Well said!! Hijab is my way of expressing my freedom to choose n be who i want to be. Whereas i know so many women who really want to take on hijab but are being oppressed by their husbands not to do so!! They are not being given their freedom.

  4. i really like your point of view on hijab geat job!

  5. Taiwo Kaseem Ademola

    ” what a blessed dress ” Mon Sha Allahu.

  6. That is a truly amazing letter Masha Allah ! Well said, sister !!!!!!!