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My personal Bodyguard

By Ruba Sharkas

So I decided to put it on a special date because deep down inside I felt it was something big, a life changer you could say. Yes I admit I didn’t really know its true purpose. I knew it was a something Allah told us to do, but why? I knew deep in my heart that Allah (swt) tells us to do things for our own good and it always has a reason behind it. Then what was the good in this? I bet you’re wondering what I am talking about by now. It’s my precious hijab (veil Muslim women wear).

Of course, it is mentioned in the Holy Quran and in the Sunnah (prophetic teachings) that Muslim girls should be decently covered up. However, adding to that I have always felt hijab made complete logical sense to me.

I mean think about it, when you go on a job interview or speak to any guy and you are wearing the hijab the way it should be worn (meaning your outfit should be covering up your body properly including the head scarf) wouldn’t he evaluate you on your personality? On your brains? On your way of thinking? Even when it comes to marriage, the guy will want to look at your deen (religion) and at your personality mostly. He wouldn’t be distracted by your figure. In other words, some people say the hijab oppresses the women. Well, tell me this, how is it oppressing me when all it’s doing is protecting me from having guys objectifying me and looking at me sexually instead of treating me like a respectful human being?

I am not saying being a hijabi is an easy thing. On the contrary, it is a huge commitment and you should try to be as responsible as you can before God’s eyes. Hijab is not a cloth you put and move on. It’s a whole lifestyle; it’s your own personal shield. So please embrace it, love it and treat it like it should be treated, because in the end you will feel like a celebrity with her personal body guard! Who said Angelina Jolie is any better!

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