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I am a Muslim Woman

By Fatma Zahra

I am a Muslim Woman
I walk with dignity and speak seriously
I am practical and responsible
I am humble, honest and a true person
I am content of my self and I explore my life
for my serenity is my strength
True to those who hear my heart.
I’m neither cheated nor abused
I don’t envy other woman
I’m not plagued with depression
I’m certainly not confused
and I don’t need to be defensive
because I know myself well with high esteem and humility to some aspect of life

I established my career with Allah’s guidance
single amount is a product of my sweat
though you often stare as you see me
my veil signify my being Muslim
I believe in modesty and trying to lower my gaze
I ain’t impressed by money, cars, clothes or fame
I was taught that peace is not that absence of war
But peace, is a feeling that can only come from remembering your God.

I am a Muslim Woman
I stand up for what I believed
for GOD has guided me to the right path
I prostrate to the One GOD.

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