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1. Set up a World Hijab Day event on campus. This can be in the form of a lecture, informational tables, a speech, discussion panel, hijab table, etc.

2. Use and spread World Hijab Day materials. This includes WHD Brochure, Flyers , videos, endorsements and articles.

3. Invite and collaborate with other clubs on campus. One club in California recruited over 2,000 fraternity members to help them raise funds to help Somalia during their famine; you can do the same and more for Hijab awareness!

4. Invite the President, Vice President, and Student of Affairs head along with other officials and administrators of your school/college/university. The first step is to ask and invite, you will be surprised at how receptive they can be!

5. Create World Hijab Day Dialogue by inviting Professors and Students to contribute their input (voice, opinions, etc) through such things like surveys, video interviews and questionnaires. The door to creativity is wide open for you! Join the movement and make history by participating in World Hijab Day, inshaAllaah!

6. Update your Facebook profile picture with World Hijab Day 2018 campaign frame using this link: https://goo.gl/Kh1Qiv

7.  Take pictures and video record the event (i.e. participants’ experience) and share them with us.