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Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/skhanphotography

“A leap of Faith”

By S. Khan  (Canada)

“The psychology of Islam is modesty. Your beauty is not your physical beauty – it is your soul. The rest is clay.”

Although not as noticeable as a result of the lighting, in this image, titled “A leap of Faith” I merged the hijab with the wings, so that they become one, resemble one another and represent the same thing – freedom. Freedom is a powerful concept, and it can be interpreted and felt in many different ways. The freedom the hijab brings is an internal sense of freedom. It is freedom from stress about the clothes we wear, the way our hair looks, the size of our breasts and length of our legs. It is freedom from the media influenced concepts of “beauty”. It is freedom from feeling the need to fit in, follow ever changing fashion trends, and wasting time on trying to purify our outwardly appearance when really, our concern should be what is on the inside.

It is a way of saying, I am beautiful.

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