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“In a world that defines less as more”

By  Maanie (18, Maldives) In a world that defines less as more, Where worth is judged in how many looks you score, The Jewel was crying out for shade, Covered from the world’s gaze. And wouldn’t society be amazed?! The Jewel never knew her true worth, Assuming that from her birth, That time would go on and she’d have her layers …

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I am a Muslim Woman

By Fatma Zahra I am a Muslim Woman I walk with dignity and speak seriously I am practical and responsible I am humble, honest and a true person I am content of my self and I explore my life for my serenity is my strength True to those who hear my heart. I’m neither cheated nor abused I don’t envy …

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My Veil

By Amit Qwfan It’s funny how you thought my veil was a trend How, by summer time, my veil obsession will end You don’t understand my veil or its reasons You think it was made to be worn on certain seasons Try to understand it’s a command from my Lord Not something pushed on me by a gun or a …

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