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The light on a dark journey

By Siddiqah Mohammed (Australia)  I have struggled with hijab for years all through high school. After attempting to wear it a few times and being unsuccessful, as I never really understood the concept and principles of hijab in Islam besides that it “makes” you a Muslim woman. However, 2014 was a life changing year for me after moving from an island …

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It’s never too late

By Syazwani CA (Malaysia) Since High school, I’d been wanting to wear Hijab and I kept telling my friends that I will wear it next year, every year. But it never happened. I always felt like I was ready to wear Hijab but reality was contrary to my belief. My friend for ten years, Anis Syakirin, never gave up on me …

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I’m not strong enough to face people in my hijab

By Ena  I am originally from Bosnia. But grew up in the Netherlands and did not have a typical Islamic upbringing. However, on a big part, I was informed about many of the beauties of Islam.  Though it wasn’t until a half year ago, after my personal search for the truth and meaning of life, that I have found peace …

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Being covered doesn’t limit us

By  Nudžejma I’ve been wearing hijab for almost 8 years. My Hijab is beautiful part of me. Material covering my hair should not make me seem withdrawn or creepy. If you ask me, I think it makes me more open to answering questions and hearing comments. I think it makes me different. I think it makes me strong. Being covered …

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It changed my life but I am still me

By a sister from Sarcelles, France I’m half Moroccan and half French and I have been wearing hijab since 18th April 2010. It was one of the most important decisions of my life. A piece of cloth does not define a person but I strongly believe that appearances do have some say, if not much, about a person. I’m very …

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A former Atheist’s journey to Hijab

By Nadya (Russia) I am a very recent convert to Islam (former Catholic, then former atheist). But I have always loved the hijab and admired hijabis. In my opinion, hijab is beautiful. Hijab is liberating because it allows women to choose who is permitted to see their beauty given by Allah (swt). This World Hijab Day (WHD), I wore my hijab …

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