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One white rose in a bouquet of red roses

By Maryam Raja (Chicago, IL) The first time I donned the hijab was back in sixth grade. This was a time when I still had a grasp onto my childhood, but was eager to enter into adolescence. Going to an elementary school where the Muslim population was low, I looked and felt different from the rest of my peers. I was …

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Invitation to Hijab For a Day

Oppressed! Subjugated! These are probably the words that come to your mind when you see a Muslim woman covered in Hijab (the Islamic modest covering of a woman). You assume it’s her father or some radical male member from her family who is forcing her to dress that way. At least that is what people say to you. That is …

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Sister to sister

Dear sister, I know you have heard it all before. You have gotten the questions, the looks and the small chitchat from young and old as you walk by about your lack of observation of Hijab. I know. You probably have gotten the bitter side of advice throughout the years; you probably are fed up with the reminders about Hijab. …

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