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Wear The Hijab- Break the Stereotypes!

By Afeefah Binte Irfan (Pakistan) I am a born Muslim and the family that I am bred in is pretty inclined towards religion. So the idea of significance of Islam and the proper following was innate. The more I matured up, the more I started reading, thinking and well, worrying about the socio-political affairs of the world especially in relation …

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“Religion is in the heart, not in hijab”

By Linda (French, originally from Algeria, living in Dubai) I’ve decided to wear hijab about 10 months ago. I must say, it was a difficult step to take. As days passed by, the more I was feeling something in my Deen (religion) was missing. It was INCOMPLETE. The more knowledge I acquired about Islam, more I  gravitated towards the idea of Hijab. In my heart, …

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Being covered doesn’t limit us

By Fatima (Paris, France) Exactly one year ago, I shared with you my story on how being a Hijabi student in France was like on WorldHijabDay.com. Today, 365 and a few more days later, I have understood many things and wanted to share them with you. I understood that people don’t actually hate Hijab. They just don’t understand its meaning and …

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I was not ‘ready’

By Shahina Bint Islam ( Birmingham, UK) I’ve always known hijab to be an obligation and an Islamic duty for Muslim women. Yet, never felt confident enough to observe it as I thought I was not ‘ready’. However, I loved and envied sisters who covered themselves, Masha’allah, they had a strength and humbleness that I didn’t possess. I started reading the …

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Hindu Hijabi: I feel strong and empowered

By Adreena (Hindu, California, USA) I love wearing a hijab.  I feel very beautiful. Even though my spiritual practice is that of the Hindu faith, not Islam, wearing a hijab just makes me feel more beautiful and unique. The sad part is when I get “Angry” stares from those who are ignorant. But I don’t get offended, they don’t know …

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Endure patiently with a beautiful patience

By Sarah (Australia) Coming from the country side in Australia, I was never exposed to Islam. I knew nothing about it. I thought of it as an oppressive religion, whenever I heard about it. It wasn’t until I went to Malaysia, that God guided me in ways I never expected, Subhan’Allah. I learned that Muslim women also have rights, which …

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