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I grew up thinking Muslims are bad and women beaters

By Laura (Australia-Christian)

I grew up in the north shore which you probably know is one of the most racist parts of Sydney, Australia in my opinion. I grew up thinking Muslims were bad and women beaters.  My ex who was a white Australian (like myself) HATED them, and ironically, he ended up being abusive to me. I have never been so hurt in my whole life.

After having to leave and move, I ended up seeing and meeting some Muslim women at my kids’ school and my hairdresser’s.  They were such beautiful nice people. The funny thing is, if I passed by a Muslim woman, I would never think of her as a drug addict or slept around.  All I could see is modesty and elegance.  I was so fascinated by their hijab and niqab. So, I started researching Islam and the Quran. I questioned my hairdresser for hours and absorbed everything she was saying like a sponge.

I remember going past a $2 shop and seeing a slip on hijab. It was on my mind for weeks. So the next time I was there, I spent my last $5 on it.  I remember I couldn’t wait ’till I got home and slip it on. Before I even got onto the main street, I felt  like a new person. I felt protected. Since then I have  been slowly on my path… I do not want to take the shahadah (testimony of Islamic faith) until I absorb everything.  So, I can proudly wear the Islamic name without bringing any shame to its name.  As a result, it can be beautiful to others.
I love Islam and it excites me so much.  🙂

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  1. May Allah guide you my sister, I pray for the best for you in this life and hereafter. The best is that you take the shahaadah now as we all
    understand that we do not own our lives, the next minute is not predictable. May Allah preserve you on that which is good.
    Mubaarak from Nigeria.

  2. I’m so touched by your story. You have a pure heart. May Allah subhana wa ta’aala guide you on every step in your life.

  3. Make doa to Allah and may Allah guide you to islam. AMEEN

  4. Your heart is kind and sincere. This is a mercy to you only from Allah (God). I hope your journey to Islam is fruitful.