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Hijab-A true struggle

By Salma Aftoz 

I’m from Bangladesh. I have been living in Vienna, Austria, for almost 12 years now. I started wearing hijab about more than 2 years ago. Living in a Christian country, I realized that wearing the hijab is a true struggle- against environment , society, & most things that constitute the modern western lifestyle. But for me, it is the right path. I have never felt happier or at peace. I have, however, run into a few problems. It has not been an easy transition because of the negative attitude of a lot of people around me. I was even threatened about losing my job. I refuse to let these things rule my life. Alhamdulillah, I feel a lot happier, comfortable, & safe with my hijab.

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One comment

  1. You have every right to follow your way of life & here,hijab has been accepted by you as an”article of faith”with religion .So far you stood by despite series of hazards or hated confrontations you faced & fortunately perhaps passed through unhurt.Undeniably,you are living in the most unfriendly situation mostly populated by people of other religion(often hostile).In France,considered as the guide for other countries of Europe,it is banned by law & situation in that continent is rapidly deteriorating.Should it be desirable for you or other like-minded to stay on purely for economic reasons or other advantageous reasons.Now coming back to”article of faith”,our religion is based on 5 pillars(Iman,Salat,Ramadan,Haj Zakat).We can & must do it without being injudicious.Islam as I understand never enjoins on anybody to do something otherwise endangering personal safety & life.How long one can stay on guard against the growing hostilities & clinging to own way which looks murderous.Is it not better to live there & move,if necessary,with an ideal attire or dress & a befitting cap to cover the hair if you like so.I have seen in western countries such nicely dressed women moving with a nice-looking cap.Perhaps,time is not far off & you have to choose either to live there or get out for your motherland leaving present luxuries of life.Choice is yours.Sorry calling spade spade.Thanks