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I haven’t taken it off!

By  Samantha (Christian, USA)

For World Hijab Day I put on the hijab…and I haven’t taken it off!

Although I’ve been raised in a christian family I have been strongly considering reverting to Islam. One of the big parts of the change that made me stutter was wearing the hijab. It is very different for someone raised in the American culture, and different can be scary. However, when I wore the hijab I felt safe. Comfortable. Elegant. Modest. Me.

For the most part no one really acted differently towards me when I dressed up for World Hijab Day. I went shopping at one of my favorite stores that was having a big sale. I laughed and joked with the girls in the lines, the associates helped me and asked me if I was finding everything ok. The men parted when I perused the men’s section for something I could bring to my husband. Everyone was smiling, just like always. I was the only hijabi in the building, but I didn’t feel isolated. Later, an elderly man asked what I was wearing on my head. I told him it was a scarf, since that was what it was (I didn’t feel comfortable discussing the hijab with someone on a public bus, since it’s not a place you can walk away from someone being hurtful or mean). He said “ok!” and left it at that.

I’ve also received comments from individuals about how they never see people wearing head scarves for reasons other than religion. I guess because I’m white I must not be muslim? Or that I must not practice Christianity with fervor? Hum, ok…but then the comments are followed up with how nice it looks on me. I guess I’ll take a compliment when its offered. 😉

Of course, I have the benefit of living in a college town that is full of internationals, including hijabis. I wonder if hijab would yield different results in my hometown in South Carolina? I guess we will have to see, because I don’t see myself taking it off any time soon.

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  1. Hello Samantha,
    I saw your article, but it was from last year. How are you doing now? Do you still wear your hijab? And are you still considering referting to Islam?

  2. congratulations

  3. Islam is a very beautiful, unique and powerful religion. you are carrying out one of the commitments for a woman in Islam. So why not reverting to Islam. You will feel so much better and you will gain much more confidence and respect. I already have loads of respect for you for wearing a hijab even though you are not Muslim.

  4. No nobody can disturb hijab.

  5. Alhamdulillah, masha allah. May allah bless you. And guide you on the right path. And direction
    Although I don’t know you before, but now you are looking different and so cute.keep it up

  6. I hope that someday you will find enough knowledge and enough room in your heart to accept Islam and be among those who say “we bear witness that their is no God but Allah and Muhammad and Jesus are His messengers”
    All the best!

  7. YOu are already muslim. Islam has already entered your heart. Do you want to put that belief to conviction? I’m inviting you to peace and happiness: Islam Want to become muslim? Here’s how http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0kmePkNH5A It’s simple. Step by step 🙂 much love Noora

  8. Interesting to see how Hijab also provides some kind confidence, amazing respect, and a protective safety gear for women that enables them to live their lives in a fulfilling way and make it beautiful!