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“Go home terrorist”

By Korrine (USA)

Thank you so much for allowing me to have this wonderful experience. I often cover my hair (it started from me being cold a lot, but now I am more comfortable that way), but wearing the Hijab for a full day was wonderful. I was very busy on WHD, but I did notice that I got a lot of respect and was treated better in some situations. Someone did tell me to “go home terrorist” when I was at a rest stop on my way to visit family in NY, but that was one ignorant fool. I thought it would become uncomfortable after a while, but I was not uncomfortable at all and I really felt beautiful and confident. I hope to get more people I know involved next year.

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  1. I admire the fact you are trying to make the world understand the hijab , that’s great ! I have wore the hijab since 1982 , when I reverted to Islam and it has always made me feel pure , safe and at peace , Al-Humde’Allah .
    I have been blessed to be given the gift of living in the city of the Holy Prophet Mohammed ( may the peace and blessings of Allah be on him ) although I am from the U.S. in the state of Idaho . Anyway the last time I visited 3 years ago , I went shopping in Walmart of Twin Falls , Idaho ; when a man came up to me and asked me if I was a muslum ( due to my hijab ), with pride I said yes I am . He then said , I had no right to be here in Idaho and that I should go back to Arabia , I said I had as much right to be here as he and that I was from Idaho , so he said then I had no right to be a muslum , lol I thought what a strange idea he had , since America was founded on freedom of religion . Anyway I defended my right to be a muslum , he proudly admitted to killing some muslum’s in Iraq and that he planned to kill some more , Now that scared me ! ! ! But I tried to to show it . He showed me his gun that was hidden under his shirt . I had my young daughters with me and that’s all I could think of , I was worried about them , I did not feel fear of death or the need to walk away from my faith because I knew to Allah I would return . Al-Humde’Allah other customers in the store came to my aid and that mixed up man fled ( I think his gun was just to scare me , huh ) the police caught him and he is now getting treatment in a V.A. hospital . After that I still felt proud to wear the hijab , because this is what Allah ordered us to do and this is what all the women of old did , Maryum mother of Essa ( a.s. ) ( jesus ) wore , her mother wore it , the wives of Abraham Sara and Hajr wore it and all the women then did even 200 years ago they still did . There are some Christians I think from Russia who wear hijab ( the Roman Catholic’s do ) the Mennonites do , the list goes on and on . Yet , it is only the Muslim’s who get the real ridicule ; This is only due to the fear the media and government puts into their minds and their own fear that they are wrong . I am in no way oppressed , I am respected and cared for and I am proud to be a muslum who wears the hijab and nikab !


    I like the advocacy and education the Muslim sisters are engaged in showing the world that Islam is out there to bring honour and dignity to women of the world.

    I am a journalist in Malawi Africa.