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Bid’ah is the last word to be used

Is World Hijab Day Bid’ah (innovation)?

Answered by Mufti Ismail Menk:

We cannot base global ideas only on our own situation. We must deeply consider what is happening to others too. Hijab is being banned in a growing number of places. People are misinformed regarding hijab. Democracies may soon vote to ban it based on majority view. This had happened in some places. We need to educate them. If we don’t educate them we will be guilty of allowing misconceptions to grow without doing anything meaningful to educate and create positive awareness.

We can ask them to enroll to a one day school can’t we? We can ask them to attend a seminar once a year can’t we? We can ask them to distribute pamphlets can’t we? We can ask them to try it out and see how they feel can’t we? 

There is no special salaah or thikr or ibaadah but merely a one day school where pamphlets are distributed, tables are set for street dawah and people have the chance to clear their misconceptions first hand and have a feel of the hijab first hand. 

 If you follow what’s happening in other places you will appreciate the need to educate the masses and encourage Muslims who have succumbed to various types of pressure to abandon what they believe is a duty or who haven’t built the courage to adopt it yet etc etc. 

Those who call it a celebration, have failed to see the light. Bid’ah is the last word to be used because it doesn’t fall under any category of acts of worship. It is merely a “means” of educating, so the time and duration can be worked out according to the convenience of all parties to create the biggest impact. Such as a school’s timings and duration of lessons and number of pupils in the class and and and. 

No celebration or partying.

No dancing. 
No food and drink.
No sweets and chocolates.
No extra Qur’aan or prayers.
No acts of worship.

Only educating and awareness.

Street dawah tables at malls and stalls and flea markets every weekend have the same concept but on a smaller scale. 

May Allah Almighty grant us a deep understanding.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/muftimenk/posts/10152536565846971

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  1. Ibrahim dhikrullah

    I can’t really describe my joy and excitement for this development. I really believe that Allah inspired Nazma Khan to start this. i would always appreciate this effort of yours and may Allah make it the beginning of the Islam’s global conquest

  2. Did some one say its Bidah! oh c’mon people i was influenced by WHD to try Hijab for two years! It was awesome. People would ask me questions eventually leading to me educating them on what Islam is and why we were Hijab. Such positive discussions could never stem from Bidah

  3. I love wearing hijab coz it beautify me and Alhamdulillah for making such choice in my life